ZOLL Cloud ECG Import for ZOLL emsCharts for Windows

To begin importing ZOLL ECG cases from the cloud, you must first meet the following prerequisites:

  • You have installed ZOLL emsCharts for Windows version 4.1.0 or higher and RescueNet Code Review or higher.

  • Your service is using CaseReview to upload case files from your ZOLL medical devices to the cloud or you have configured your Data Access Key (DAK) using Case Transfer on ZOLL Online.

    • Case Transfer allows you to import case files from your ZOLL medical devices into ZOLL emsCharts but does not give you the ability to upload medical device case files to ZOLL Online.

  • Your administrator has setup the necessary configurations for ZOLL Cloud ECG and ZOLL emsCharts integration.

Check out getting started with ZOLL emsCharts and ZOLL Cloud ECG integration to learn more.

IMPORTANT! The ZOLL Cloud ECG Import for ZOLL emsCharts for Windows currently only functions correctly when ECG Report Image Type is set to 'Default (Leave as JPG, Bitmap)'. Any ECG's imported with ECG Report Image Type set to either 'Single Image per PDF (multiple PDFs)' or 'Multi-image PDF Document (single PDF)' will show "Unexpected error". Administrators can update this setting in the Web ECG Configuration code table.

Watch this video for steps to import your ZOLL cloud ECG cases into ZOLL emsCharts for Windows.

Importing ZOLL ECG cases from CaseReview or Case Transfer into ZOLL emsCharts for Windows

  1. After the initial install or upgrade to ZOLL emsCharts for Windows version 4.1.0+, a service administrator must login and setup a Transmission Method under the Application Settings on the Admin tab.

    Note: It does not matter which Transmission Method is selected. A warning message will show every time ZOLL emsCharts for Windows is launched until one is configured. Click Update Settings after selecting the Transmission Method.

  2. A new EKG Monitor field will be available on the Unit tab which allows you to select which ZOLL medical device you are using.

    Note: The 'Use local EKG monitor' option allows you to use a transmission method (WIFI, USB, Bluetooth, etc.) other than the cloud import.

  3. Open a chart and go to EKG Import.

  4. A list of all the ECG cases uploaded from your ZOLL medical device will be displayed. Select the case you wish to import and click Next.

  5. A list of ECG events will be displayed. Check the box next to the events you wish to import or check the box at the top of the Import column to select all events and click Next.

  6. Select the images to be imported by checking the box on their tab(s) and click Next to finish importing the case.

  7. Finish your chart and upload it when ready.

  8. Login to ZOLL emsCharts Web and open the chart. You can view the ECG images under Attachments.