ZOLL ZOLL emsCharts NEMSIS Billing and State Reporting Policy

National EMS Information System (“NEMSIS”) based state reporting is required by each state in which an agency is licensed. Similarly, a number of EMS billing departments and companies utilize the NEMSIS standard as a basis for reimbursement of services provided by EMS agencies.

It is the sole responsibility of each agency to comply with each applicable state’s NEMSIS reporting requirements in a timely manner, which in most states requires submittal of certain data within twenty-four (24) hours of the date of an event. Each state sets its own compliance and validation requirements, which may change at any time.

Each agency is solely responsible for ensuring it adheres to all applicable data quality and compliance requirements. While ZOLL ZOLL emsCharts offers a high level of customization and configurability that enables an agency to meet its applicable NEMSIS requirements, it is the agency’s sole responsibility to customize and configure ZOLL ZOLL emsCharts to meet the agency’s NEMSIS requirements for both state reporting and billing purposes.

As a result, it is the sole responsibility of each agency to take into consideration all applicable state reporting requirements as well as settings related to billing prior to pursuing any customization of the ZOLL ZOLL emsCharts system. Furthermore, each agency must notify ZOLL of any changes that necessitate updating web service exports. Each agency is responsible for ensuring it appropriately submits its data in accordance with NEMSIS state reporting requirements, including ensuring that the quality of such data is in good standing with each state receiving those reports. Each agency is responsible for ensuring the patient care reports are accurately provided to the appropriate billing department or company. With the proper configurations, ZOLL emsCharts will automatically facilitate the delivery of patient care records to the state(s) and billing company/department for an agency.

Pursuant to NEMSIS state reporting guidance, each agency is solely responsible for immediately contacting a state data manager if the agency cannot satisfy a state’s compliance requirements. We recommend that concerns with the ability of ZOLL ZOLL emsCharts to satisfy the state rules be initially discussed with the ZOLL ZOLL emsCharts support department or account manager. However, discrepancies in complying with a state’s requirements can be addressed and mitigated with a state data manager.

By taking a proactive approach with a state data manager, an agency can further identify areas of concern and draft a plan of action to achieve compliance. State data managers are available to assist agencies with their questions or concerns relating to state requirements. ZOLL encourages agencies to form a partnership with their respective state data managers. Many state data managers form work-groups, or forums, that allow agencies to voice their suggestions, questions, and recommendations. Agencies are encouraged to advocate for their organization, and through participation with the state data managers, agencies can establish a showing of good faith and due diligence.

ZOLL is committed to being a valuable partner by providing software that each agency may configure to ensure it is compliant with NEMSIS state reporting requirements as well as NEMSIS standards for billing purposes.


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