NEMSIS-Based Export Overrides

Some services may be required to submit certain NEMSIS data points differently depending on the state, region, or county they are reporting to. This typically only effects services operating across multiple states or for services residing in states that separate NEMSIS reporting by region or county. To find out if this applies to you, review your state NEMSIS requirements at or consult with your state data managers.

IMPORTANT! The state web service must be setup for your ZOLL emsCharts service for your charts to submit to the state. Please contact your ZOLL NEMSIS Specialist or ZOLL Support to add the state web service to your ZOLL emsCharts service. Failure to do so will result in charts not sending to your state.

ZOLL emsCharts data that can be configured with NEMSIS overrides by state are:

Setting up your overrides

You must be a service administrator to set up the overrides under the ConfigurationServiceExport tab.

For help adding a new export, review the Setting Up Your State and Billing Exports topic.