NEMSIS 3.5 Changes for ZOLL emsCharts for Windows and iOS/Android

Important Note: NEMSIS 3.5 value changes and additions will apply to ZOLL emsCharts for Windows versions 3.x and 4.x as well as iOS & Android. NEMSIS 3.5 functionality changes will only apply to ZOLL emsCharts for Windows 4.0.12+.

The following changes were implemented in preparation for NEMSIS 3.5:

  • Gender (ePatient.13): New values were added on the Patient Information > Patient/Relatives page.

    Description / Code in Print Preview Code in Entire Chart / Print Pages on Web Image in Secondary Survey Screen*
    Female-to-Male, Transgender Male FtM Male body
    Male-to-Female, Transgender Female MtF Female body
    Neutral/Neither exclusively male or female N Male body
    Not applicable NA Male body

*Only applies to ZOLL emsCharts for Windows 4.0.12 and higher


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