Import into ZOLL emsCharts Web and View Cases in CaseReview

To learn about importing ZOLL Cloud ECG cases and reviewing them in CaseReview, use the options and watch the video below. For information about setting up the ZOLL Cloud EKG integration, see ZOLL emsCharts Integration with ZOLL Cloud ECG.

Import the case

In ZOLL emsCharts, select a recently uploaded case and import it into your chart.

  1. On Page 8 of the chart, click EKG Import.

  2. A window displays recently uploaded cases. Use the filter buttons to display cases uploaded in the last day, two days, or seven days. Click on the case to select it. After you import this one, you can go back and import more if needed.

  3. Select which events to import using the checkbox next to them. You can select all using the checkbox above the Import column. If you import an event by mistake, you can delete it later.

  4. Select which ECG strips to attach to your chart using the checkbox next to them. You can select all using the checkbox above the Import column. The strips will be imported as a single PDF that you can view or delete under the chart Attachments.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Import.

    Note: If you want to remove the case from the chart, click UNDO EKG IMPORT. You will find this button next to the EKG Import button on Page 8.

    A list of imported events displays on Page 8. You can click on any event to make changes or delete it.

    Make sure to click Save after making changes to an event.

Reviewing the case in CaseReview

  1. Click Entire Chart on the left navigation pane.

  2. The imported EKG displays at the top of the page. To look at EKG details in CaseReview, click View Case.

    If you are logged into ZOLL Online, you will go directly to CaseReview. If you are not logged into ZOLL Online, you will have to log in first. Be sure to log in with your ZOLL Online credentials, not your ZOLL emsCharts credentials.

    CaseReview includes a detailed help guide that will step you through the many features available in CaseReview Premium. Click the Help link to get started.


Learn how to import ZOLL cloud ECG cases into ZOLL emsCharts for Windows